We introduced you to the “house impressionism” of Uncharted Audio's Ukkonen last month and, with his artic arpeggiates still blowing round our skulls, asked for a mix. Returned was a imagining of Detroit blown forward into 2012. Little remains of the original, classic tracks, instead the Finnish producer has reconstructed each from small sampled fragments and his own work - inspired by Patten’s “sonic DNA” remix project - to create a postmodern patchwork borne of his own idiosyncratic production style.

"I had a vision, or a dream.. in which I saw and heard a Detroit from an alternate reality, where the only difference was in the music: odd numbers were the norm, nothing was ever in 4/4, nothing ever sounded quite right or wrong. People were going wild for it, the music and dancing couples spilling into the street. It was the early 90’s and a new sound had been developing, a multi-layered swirling mass of rhythm, never quite lining up, never quite falling apart. Simple melodies, that when played together created mind boggling and and ever evolving combinations. I could hear the music like I was actually there, but I think it was just a dream.."

Ukkonen - Detroit (Alternative Reality) (mp3 / mix) (LINK DOWN)

New Soundcloud upload: 

Tracklist after the jump..

Carl Craig - Science Fiction (Ambientized and Ukkonized in Fives Version)

Cybotron - Alleys of your Mind (Ukkonized Version)

Channel One - Technicolor (Ukkonized Version)

Juan Atkins - Flash Flood (Ukkonized Version)

Derrick May - The Dance (One Sample Version)

Kevin Saunderson - Bassline (Ukkonized Version)

Model 500 - Interference (Ukkonised Version) 

Carl Craig - Future Love Theme (Hardened and Irregulated Version)

Psyche - Elements (Ukkonized Version)

Carl Craig - Sub Seducer (Ukkonized Version)

+ “There’s one un-named track hidden inside one of the above.. can anyone name it?”

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